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Precision Hedge Cutting and Sculpting in Bexhill-On-Sea


Precision Hedge Trimming

  • Customised Hedge Cutting: At A.L.M Tree Care our hedge trimming services are designed to enhance the aesthetics of your property and promote robust plant growth. 

  • Topiary and Shaping: We bring a creative touch to your garden with artistic shaping and topiary work, perfect for hedges that are meant to stand out and reflect your property’s unique character.

  • Regular Maintenance: By scheduling regular maintenance, we ensure your hedges are always neat and contribute to a well-manicured landscape.

  • Hedge Health Assessment: Vigilant evaluation of hedge health is key to preventing diseases and pests, ensuring your hedges maintain long-term vibrancy and foliage density.

  • Hedge Planting and Renovation: Whether you're looking to install new hedges or rejuvenate old, overgrown ones, our expertise in hedge planting and renovation can provide the solutions you're looking for.


Expert Care for Every Hedge

  • Seasonal Pruning: We align hedge cutting with the changing seasons to ensure the best results for your hedges' growth and health throughout the year. This careful timing is part of the holistic approach you can expect from our comprehensive garden and woodland care services.

  • Safety and Precision: With safety as a top priority, we use the latest equipment and measures to deliver precise cuts and shapes, causing minimal disruption to your property and routine. 

  • Eco-Friendly Disposal: Our commitment to the environment extends to the responsible disposal of hedge trimmings, ensuring sustainability in all our gardening practices.

  • Consultation and Advice: We're dedicated to offering you expert guidance to help you make informed decisions about the care and maintenance of your hedges. For a detailed consultation or to discuss your specific needs, please contact us.

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