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Your Expert Tree Surgeons in Bexhill-On-Sea


A.L.M Tree Surgeon Services


At A.L.M Tree Care LTD, We take pride in delivering comprehensive arboriculture solutions to our clients in Bexhill-On-Sea. Our suite of tree surgeon services includes:

  • Pruning and Reducing: Essential care for tree crowns, shrubs, and hedges to ensure their health and proper growth. Regular maintenance is crucial, and with our hedge cutting services, we can keep your garden's borders in immaculate condition.

  • Branch Removal: We safely remove dead and dangerous branches to preserve tree health and ensure property safety, a key component of our tree surgery expertise.

  • Crown Lifting and Thinning: By improving light and air flow, we enhance tree health without compromising its natural shape. Our approach to garden and woodland care ensures that every aspect of your landscape is considered.

  • Height Reduction and Shaping: We reshape trees to meet both aesthetic and spatial requirements while promoting healthy growth.

  • Tree Dismantling: Employing advanced sectional dismantling techniques, we ensure safe removal in constrained environments.

  • Stump Grinding: We offer effective removal of tree stumps, even in areas with limited access, highlighting my commitment to comprehensive care.

  • Tree Felling: Our expertly executed tree felling services prioritise safety and minimise impact on the surrounding landscape. For emergency or scheduled felling, visit the contact page to get in touch.


Expert Arborists at Your Service

With over 15 years of experience, our professional expertise is unparalleled. At A.L.M Tree Care we bring a wealth of knowledge and skill to every job, ensuring that your trees are cared for with the highest level of professionalism. Whether you need immediate assistance with a fallen tree or you're planning a routine trim, our services are always available.

Understanding that tree related emergencies can occur at any time, A.L.M Tree Care offers a 24-hour response to address urgent needs promptly and effectively. 

Personalised consultations lay at the heart of my service philosophy. Every tree is unique, and so are your needs. At A.L.M Tree Care we provide personalised consultations to create tailored solutions that fit your specific tree surgery requirements. 

Don't hesitate to contact us now!

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